Click the Referral Form button to open and fill out the referral form.

You can also email images to


You are always welcome to



to discuss a case or submit a referral.  

You can fax referral information to

919-319-3371 as well.  

After Hours Emergencies. 

If you need to contact us after hours about a patient with a potential ocular emergency:

  • VSH Cary: 919-233-4911
  • TVRH Durham: 919-489-0615
  • VSH N. Raleigh: 919-861-0109
  • You can contact one of our associated Emergency Services.  We train our ER doctors to handle most ophthalmic emergencies but they will also contact us and if needed we can come in and provide emergency care, particularly for surgical cases. 
  • You are always welcome to call our main telephone number (919-319-3348) and select the referring veterinarian mailbox and the telephone of the on call ophthalmologist will be listed.  You can then contact one of our ophthalmologists directly.