If your pet IS A CURRENT PATIENT of ANIMAL EYE CARE and has an eye problem requiring EMERGENCY care:

VSH_TRVH_ECVR combined sign.001.png

If it is AFTER our business hours (after 6pm Monday through Friday or any time Saturday or Sunday):

1. Contact your family veterinarian if they are open, OR contact one of our associated emergency clinics:

  • VSH of Cary at 919-233-4911
  • TVRH in Durham at 919-489-0615
  • VSH of N. Raleigh at 919-861-0109
  • Animal Emergency and Trauma in Wilmington (ECVR) at 910-791-7387 (PETS)


2. ALSO leave us a message on our voicemail or send us an email at cary@aecassociates.com.  WE DO NOT monitor our voicemail or email after hours as our associated emergency clinics provide after hours emergency care.  So it is important to contact our emergency service if you believe your pet has an emergency.  BUT, leaving us a message or email can make it easier for us to communicate with our Emergency Services regarding the best care for your pet.  


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If it is during our business hours of Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm:

1. CARY or DURHAM: Call us at 919-319-3348.  IN ADDITION TO CALLING, you can also leave an email at cary@aecassociates.com

2. WILMINGTON: Call us at 910-392-6373.  IN ADDITION TO CALLING, you can also leave an email at cary@aecassociates.com

3. You are also welcome to contact your family veterinarian as they can often assist in your pet's eye care and provide additional information for us, particularly if you do not live near our offices. 


If your pet IS NOT A CURRENT PATIENT of Animal Eye Care: 

Your are still welcome to contact one of our associated Emergency Services listed above and these services will contact us if needed regarding the proper care for your pet's eye emergency.  Our Emergency clinicians are well trained to handle emergency ocular problems but also consult with us when needed.  


You are also welcome to contact your family veterinarian or local emergency clinic regarding providing care for your pet's ocular emergency.   

After Hours Medication Refills. 


Please note that our associated Emergency Services CAN NOT refill medications you received from us.  But, you may be able to obtain an emergency refill of medications from a human pharmacy.  Most of the medications we use for treating eye disease in pets are human medications.  Human pharmacies are allowed to provide one refill on an emergency basis and will then contact us on the next business day to provide authorization.  BUT, not all human pharmacies will provide this service.